What do we do

Digitizing your world

The mse group is your future transatlantic partner operating in the US and Germany for the implementation of business solutions.

  • LEAN Process and Management Consulting
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central (D365BC) ERP implementation and support
  • Document Management System integrators

With locations in both the United States and Germany, we are able to support your international operations from both sides, ensuring good communication and seamless integration.

Business Management From Every Aspect

Connect sales, service, finance, and operations to work smarter, adapt faster, and perform better.

  • Customizable solution that can grow and change with your company.
  • Provides insight on every aspect of your operation.
  • Connect people, processes, and insights to make decisions faster with embedded guidance, dashboards, and interoperability.
  • Deliver products on time and adapt to changing business models with visibility across purchasing, manufacturing, inventory, and warehouses.
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A Level Above

Our Framework provides a level of polish that increases functionality and usability of standard Business Central through various optimizations.

  • Sales Optimizations through automation.
  • Purchasing Optimizations through rapid cost analysis.
  • Adding control and logging functionality for reduced time spent maintaining data.
  • Adding detailed user access control by including new G/L accounts for Sales/Purchasing.

Expand your world

With locations in both the US and Germany, we know how difficult it can be to try and establish yourself internationally, and we want to help reduce the struggle.

  • Utilizing our vast partner networks we can support your growth from both sides having teams in the US and Germany.
  • We guide you through the intricate process of meeting regulatory requirements for establishing new locations, streamlining the setup process and minimizing potential compliance challenges.
  • Employing robust project management methodologies, we oversee the setup process, ensuring timely execution, cost-effectiveness, and coordination of various tasks involved in establishing new locations in the US or Germany.
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Bringing You Up To Industry Standards

Utilizing multiple industry standard methods as LEAN and Six Sigma, we identify and optimize your processes to reduce waste, and increase efficiency.

  • Mapping your physical world and mirroring it in an ERP provides you with detailed and advanced control over your operation while ensuring nothing gets overlooked.
  • Focusing on your KPIs makes us create everything to work for you.
  • Advanced and automated reporting based on your physical processes allows you to ensure you are hitting all your targets and provide rapid updates on your operation.
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Industries We Cater

Tailored for your World


With an experienced process team we can optimize manufacturing with integrated tools for production planning, inventory management, and resource optimization.

Wholesale and Retailers

With a broad client base in wholesale and retail, we adeptly streamline operations using specialized tools for inventory, sales, and customer management, ensuring tailored and efficient solutions.


Catering for the service industry, we offer expertise in optimizing workflows, resource management, and customer engagement to enhance efficiency and productivity for our service-oriented clients.


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mse Process Consulting LLC

2000 South Colorado Boulevard

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Denver, CO 80222, USA

mse Business Consulting GmbH

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